Mercy Ministry is a non-profit organization, responding to the needs of the community, one family at a time; especially those who have simply become 'statistics'.

Our Vision: To make a difference in our world, through compassion and a sense of community.

Our Mission: To provide opportunities for people to complete the success  cycle through our holistic system and partnerships.

Mercy Ministry meets people where they are and provides needed physical services such as groceries, hygiene packs, school suppliers, toys and more. We also provide supportive services such as counseling and resource information. Many of those we helped were able to get back on their feet and start their lives a-new.

At Mercy Ministry, we are glad to be ...making a difference.

Using your donations to change the lives of many.

Do you know you can donate items you don't need to Mercy Ministry?

We receive items like Cars, Electronics, Clothes, and Shoes.

You can donate furniture, jewelry, kitchen appliances and Laundry machines.

Give us a call or send email requesting pick up.

Call 661-273-4337
Your contributions help us make a difference in our community
A Community Outreach Organization of TDMI
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Pastors Matthew and Osas Otasowie - Founders
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