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A typical loading of produce donated by CHF; one of our partners.Volunteers during a  networking outreach.
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Parables for a new Beginning
The word parable means speaking in coded language or a story which illustrates one or more instructive, moral attitudes, ethical lessons or principles.
Stories of parables are for those that are desperate and would go any length of time, work, and endurance or more for a change in their situation.
Reading Luke chapter 15 and a focusing on the third parable tells about  a son who gathers all his inheritance, travels far away from home, and spends all his wealth without restrain, or riotously.
Read your Bible to follow along, get the most out of  this discussion. He gathered ALL and spent ALL. Though the Bible says “son”; that can also mean children of God; you or me, a Christian, a member of the royal priesthood. However, he became so broke and so hungry that he thought of eating with the pigs he was hired to care for.

Lessons we can learn from this:
1.We need to be patient and not substitute our agenda to mean God’s promise or blessing.

2.Man was not created to be independent of God. It’s so frustrating to live outside God, our maker. Trusting God makes a noticeable difference.

3.The difference between where we are and where we need to be is the right information. You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Let us love correction because it has an agenda to fulfill in our lives.

4.He spent ALL he had. As Christians, we must not spend all like the prodigal son. This is a suggestion.  From your earnings Sow 10% which is your tithe into your church; this is the seed that guarantees uninterrupted harvest . Save between 10 - 30% and use the rest for your expenses and remember the poor.

5. Actions give life to thoughts or whatever we imagine. He made a determined decision and stuck to it until he got home. Change should not remain a dream, we need to wake up and do something about.

6. His decision made his father proud. The Angels rejoice when we repent to be on God’s side. The devil rejoices also when we chose to be stubborn, rebel against the truth and what we know is right.

7. The son’s change in heart brought him celebration. Godly decision attracts divine celebration. In 2014, many will enter into their inheritance just by having a Godly turn around in repentance to embrace God’s destiny.

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